Why The Above & Beyond Learning Experience?

Above And Beyond is a provincially registered, private educational institution that has developed a very unique and powerful approach to helping kids achieve their high school diploma.

The fact is that not everyone learns the same way and the public school system doesn’t have the flexibility, let alone the staff, needed to accommodate an individualist approach to acquiring, processing and retaining knowledge.

We do. Above & Beyond promotes an inclusive, nurturing and supportive learning experience with a ratio of one teacher per four students – compare that to public school classroom where one teacher has to support the needs of 25 or more students.

Our statistics prove our model works – we have a 95% success rate in helping kids graduate Grade 12 compared to Ontario’s 24% dropout rate.

If your child is struggling with being mainstreamed in the public school system or can’t find the guidance and leadership they need to keep them on the track towards a secondary school diploma then call us – we can offer you a solution that will ensure they’re prepared to meet the world head on.

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