Sponsoring a Youth


Working Co-Operative

Take on a student as a co-op placement, where one day per week is paid, the balance of time is assigned to the cooperative.

Business Partnership

Sponsor and mentor a student outright.
Feed positives into a youth and watch them flourish!

Our Puzzle Campaign

Here’s how it works.
One of our students has created a picture representing youth and the world they will positively influence through education.
It is divided into a 2000-piece puzzle.

Each piece costs $20.00.

With your help we can show how much we care for these youth, their future and our community by helping them graduate and continue on to post secondary learning.

Click below to donate through PayPal, or feel free to email or snail mail your donation.

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Business sponsorship receipts will be emailed to you upon request. We will not be issuing personal donation tax receipts.